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Consumed as in Obsessed

A weird fiction horror story exploring denial, stagnation and the fear of change. Featured in Uncertainties 6, from the Swan River Press strange tales anthology series, edited by Brian J. Showers.

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The Pillar

A short film, finalist for the 2023 Kerry Film Short Film bursary, official selection of the Liverpool Indie Awards 2023, semi-finalist for the Waterford International Film Festival,  finalist in the Kerry International Film Festival script competition.

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High Spirits

Radio play, premiered on Near FM 90.3 as part of their 2023 Audio Anthology series. Méabh played the role of Mags.

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Lament of the Last Wolf of Ossory

A speculative fiction story melding myth and magical realism in contemporary Ireland. Featured in Neon Hemlock's Opulent Syntax, an Irish Speculative Fiction anthology edited by Don Duncan and dave ring.

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This House is Haunted

A speculative fiction story following the events of a strained dinner party. Winning short story in The Irish Independent's New Irish Writing competition.



A short film, finalist in the Kerry International Film Festival screenwriting competition, finalist for the 2022 Kerry Short Film bursary, longlisted in the UK Film Festival Script Competition, semi-finalist in the 2022 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards and a finalist for the 2022 Ardán/RTÉ Short Film Commission.

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Saint Sisters and the Sea

A short film, semi-finalist for the Waterford Film Festival and the Kerry International Film Festival screenwriting competitions, and runner-up in the 2023 Catalyst International Film Festival Short Screenplay Award.

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The Sludge Mother

A three part story guest written and performed for The Town Whispers, an audio drama podcast.


And Tomorrow I'll Dance With You

Shortlisted for The Women's Playwriting Prize, staged as part of The New Theatre's New Writing Development Week and chosen as a 2022 Druid Debut for the Galway International Arts Festival.

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A full length play chosen by Prime Cut Productions as part of their 2021 VERGE series.


Dead Man's Bells
Won eight awards in the All-Ireland One-Act Finals, awarded the DCLI/ACDI Playwriting Award, staged at Milwaukee Irish Fest, showcasing contemporary Irish writing, winner of the Best Play award at Wicklow ICA Drama Festival.

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View Source

A unique online publication, curated by Fallow Media and commissioned by Solas Nua, celebrating contemporary Irish literature at its most adventurous., featuring a republishing and audio reading of Saint Sisters and the Sea.

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Devoured Stars Over Dublin

A speculative fiction horror melding the effects of colonialism on Ireland's geography, culture and language with Lovecraftian monsters. Published in Giganotosaurus and featured in Maria Haskin's Recommended SFF Fiction Reading List for 2020.

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Saint Sisters and The Sea

A story about sisterhood, grief and strange ghosts. Published in the literary journal Banshee by Banshee Press.


In Madness and in Feathers

A retelling of the tale of Mad Sweeney, melding contemporary events with magical realism. Finalist for the RTÉ Francis MacManus Short Story Award and read on RTÉ Radio 1 by Jane Brennan.

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Prophet's Fire and the Spindles of the Banshee

A speculative fiction story about faith and grief. Published in Mysterion Magazine and featured in their printed paperback anthology book.


Liminal Bus Café

A speculative fiction story about homelessness, grief and othering. Printed in The Stinging Fly and featured on Arena with RTÉ Radio 1, read by the author.



A short story retelling the myth of Cas Corach and the daughters of Airitech. Finalist for the Celtic Mythology Short Story Competition and published in Irish Imbas: Celtic Mythology Collection.

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