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The Silt Verses

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The Secret of Saint Kilda


Portentous Perils

Future Dystopian Steampunk SciFi adventures with an intrepid journalist, her aunt and a curiously attractive Media Sales Executive.

Portentous Perils is a devestatingly clever satirical steampunk romp through recent news events, classic literature and every single trope you can think of. Featuring a cast of bonkers characters with a range of loveable guest stars, Portentous Perils is there to remind us all that we haven't quite hit dystopia. Yet.

Méabh de Brún plays Hanora O'Malley, loathed co-worker.

A new horror podcast coming in 2022. How far would you go to escape your demons?

Méabh de Brún plays Andromeda, definitely not a cult leader.

The Secret of Saint Kilda

"Can a renegade noblewoman, an egotistical prodigy, and a no-nonsense constable stop arguing long enough to thwart a diabolical conspiracy? From the team behind Girl in Space comes Omen, a fantasy audio drama that explores ancient ruins, sails the high seas, and questions whether friendship truly is magic."

Méabh de Brún plays Lola, fantasy pirate.

"Carpenter and Faulkner, two worshipers of an outlawed god, travel up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the reeds and the wetlands.

As their pilgrimage lengthens and the river’s mysteries deepen, the two acolytes find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, but also come into conflict with the weirder gods that have flourished in these forgotten rural territories.

This is folk horror, and fantasy, and a dark road trip into the depths of unusual faith."

Méabh de Brún plays Carpenter, false disciple.